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BMW 3: Electric A/C compressor

Electric A/C compressor
Electric A/C compressor (EKK)

  1. Signal connector
  2. Low pressure line (gaseous refrigerant at low temperature and low pressure)
  3. High-voltage connector
  4. High pressure line (gaseous refrigerant at high temperature and high pressure)
  5. Electric A/C compressor (EKK)

The electric A/C compressor is a high-voltage component

Electric A/C compressor
Warning for high-voltage components

Each high-voltage component has on its housing an identifying label that enables Service employees and vehicle users to intuitively identify the possible hazards that can result from the high electric voltages used.

Only Service employees who satisfy all the prerequisites are permitted to work on the designated high-voltage components: suitable qualifications, compliance with the safety rules, procedure following the exact repair instructions.

For warranty reasons and reasons of high-voltage safety, the electric A/C compressor must not be opened or otherwise dismantled.

Before working on a high-voltage component, you must apply the safety rules to shut down the high-voltage system. Once this has been accomplished according to procedure, all high-voltage components are no longer live and work can proceed in safety. There is, of course, a remote possibility that the correct shutdown procedure might be omitted, so an extra safety precaution is implemented as a means of imposing an automatic shutdown of the high-voltage system.

The high-voltage connector of the electric A/C compressor is not part of the high-voltage interlock loop. A contact bridge is integrated in the high-voltage connector of the G20 PHEV, which interrupts the voltage supply to the control unit of the EKK if the high-voltage connector is pulled off. This prevents power consumption of this high-voltage component.

To compress the refrigerant, the spiral compressor (also known as the scroll compressor) is used.

The electric power of the electric A/C compressor is 4.5 kW.

The high voltage for the EKK is in a voltage range between approximately 205 V and 410 V. Above and below this voltage range the power is reduced or the EKK is switched off.


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