BMW 3 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 3: Video DVD

Country codes

Only DVDs with the country code selected during vehicle ordering can be played. Refer to the information on the CD as well.

1  USA, Canada.
2  Japan, Europe, Middle East, South Africa.
3  Southeast Asia.
4  Australia, Central and South America, New Zealand.
5  Northwest Asia, North Africa.
6  China.
0  All regions.

Inserting the DVD

Insert the DVD into the DVD slot in the rear with the printed side up.

Playback begins automatically.

Removing the DVD

1. Press the button on the radio.

The DVD is partially ejected.

2. Remove DVD.

Selecting a DVD

1. "MEDIA".

2. "CD/DVD".

3. Playback begins automatically.

Video menu

To open the video menu:   Press the button during playback.

Open the DVD menu.

Many DVDs have their own menus.

The display depends on the contents of the DVD.

Press the button to leave the DVD menu.

Start playback.


Playback is paused.

Previous chapter.

Fast reverse.

The speed is increased with each press of the Controller.

To stop, start playback.

Next chapter.

Fast forward.

The speed is increased with each press of the Controller.

To stop, start playback.


Playback is ended.

Set the language.

The languages that are available depend on the DVD.

Dolby, Dolby Audio, and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.

Set subtitles.

The subtitles that are available depend on the DVD.


Jump back to the previous menu. This function is not supported by all media.

Additional functions.

The video menu fades out automatically after a short period of time.


     Settings for DVD

    For some DVDs, settings can only be made via the DVD menu, refer also to the information on the DVD. Selecting the camera angle The availability of a different camera angle depends on the DVD and the

     Rear entertainment

     General information

    Rear entertainment allows occupants in the rear to access entertainment sources regardless of the driver's selection. Two screens, different media connections, and a CD/DVD/Blu-ray drive are available



    Qualification to work on the high-voltage system of the G20 PHEV (Hybrid Generation 4.0) can be acquired via the respective web-based training if the service employee meets the following prerequisites: Performing work on high-voltage components Valid "High-voltage Components" certification

     Antifreeze and corrosion inhibitor

    The cooling system of the G20 PHEV is filled with the new antifreeze and corrosion inhibitor Frostox HT-12. The new antifreeze and corrosion inhibitor increases the long-term stability and corrosion protection of the components. It replaces the well-known antifreeze and corrosion inhibitor Glysan

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