BMW 3 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 3: Securing the vehicle against rolling

General information

The vehicle manufacturer recommends to additionally secure the vehicle against rolling away when changing a wheel.

On a level surface

Wheels and tires

Place wheel chocks or other suitable objects in front and behind the wheel that is diagonal to the wheel to be changed.

On a slight downhill gradient

Wheels and tires

If you need to change a wheel on a slight downhill grade, place chocks and other suitable objects, for instance a rock, under the wheels of both the front and rear axles against the rolling direction.

Lug bolt lock


The wheel lug bolts have a special coding. The lug bolts can only be released with the adapter which matches the coding.


The adapter of the lug bolt lock is in the onboard vehicle tool kit or in a storage compartment close to the onboard vehicle tool kit.

Wheels and tires

  • Lug bolt, arrow 1.
  • Adapter, arrow 2.


1. Attach the adapter to the lug bolt.

2. Unscrew the lug bolt.

3. Remove the adapter after unscrewing the lug bolt.

Screwing on

1. Attach the adapter to the lug bolt. If necessary, turn the adapter until it fits on the lug bolt.

2. Screw on the lug bolt. The tightening torque is 140 Nm.

3. Remove the adapter and stow it after screwing on the lug bolt.

Preparing the vehicle

  • Park the vehicle on solid and non-slip ground at a safe distance from traffic.
  • Switch on the hazard warning system.
  • Set the parking brake.
  • Engage a gear or move the selector lever to position P.
  • As soon as permitted by the traffic flow, have all vehicle occupants get out of the vehicle and ensure that they remain outside the immediate area in a safe place, such as behind a guardrail.
  • Depending on the vehicle equipment, get wheel change tools and, if necessary, the emergency wheel from the vehicle.
  • If necessary, set up a warning triangle or portable hazard warning light at an appropriate distance.
  • Secure the vehicle additionally against rolling.
  • Loosen the lug bolts a half turn.


     Jacking points for the vehicle jack

    The jacking points for the vehicle jack are located at the indicated positions. Jacking up the vehicle Warning Hands and fingers can be jammed when using the vehicle jack. There is a risk of injury.

     Emergency wheel

    Concept In the event of a flat tire, the emergency wheel can be used in place of the wheel with the defective tire. The emergency wheel is only intended for temporary use until the defective tire/whe

     Engine compartment

    Overview Jump-starting, positive battery terminal Oil filler neck Coolant reservoir, auxiliary cooling Coolant reservoir, engine Jump-starting, negative battery terminal Vehicle identification


     Warning with braking function

    Display If a collision with a pedestrian or a cyclist is imminent, a warning symbol appears on the instrument cluster and in the Head-up Display. The red symbol is displayed and a signal sounds. Alternatively, depending on the vehicle equipment, a red warning triangle lights up in the instrument

     Parking brake

    Concept The parking brake is used to prevent the vehicle from rolling when it is parked. Safety information Warning An unsecured vehicle can begin to move and possibly roll away. There is a risk of accident. Before exiting, secure the vehicle against rolling. In order to ensure that the vehicle i

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