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BMW 3: Labels

Three signs are attached to the housing of the high-voltage battery unit: 1 type plate and 2 warning stickers. The type plate provides logistical information (e.g. part number) and the key technical data (e.g. nominal voltage). The warning stickers point to the lithium-ion technology on the one hand, and on the other to the high electrical voltage that exists in the high-voltage battery unit. They thus raise awareness of the potential dangers involved.

The type plate is now also legible with the high-voltage battery installed.

External features
Signs on the housing of the SP41 high-voltage battery

  1. Warning sticker for high-voltage battery
  2. ID label with technical data
  3. High-voltage component warning sticker
  4. Upper housing section
  5. Venting unit
  6. Connection for signal connector
  7. Connection for refrigerant lines
  8. Lower housing section
  9. High-voltage connection


     Electrical connections

    The high-voltage battery unit also has a signal connection, as well as the high-voltage connection. The high-voltage battery unit is integrated in the refrigerant circuit in order for it to be cool

     Cooling system

    To increase the service life of the high-voltage battery unit and obtain the greatest possible power, it is operated in a defined temperature range. The high-voltage battery unit is essentially oper


    G20 PHEV, system overview of climate control - Installation locations Combined expansion and shutoff valve at the evaporator Combined expansion and shutoff valve at the high-voltage battery u


     System components

    The front radar sensor (FRS) or the front radar sensor long range (FRSF) is needed to reliably detect the vehicles in front. Consequently, adaptive recuperation is only possible with the optional equipment Active Cruise Control with Stop&Go function (SA 5DF). Adaptive recuperation can be

     Concept, General information, Safety information

    Concept The system may prevent some accidents with cross traffic at intersections and junctions. In the event of an accident, the system may reduce impact speed. The system sounds a warning in the city speed range before an imminent collision and activates brakes independently, if needed. General i

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