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BMW 3: Electrical connections

The high-voltage battery unit also has a signal connection, as well as the high-voltage connection.

The high-voltage battery unit is integrated in the refrigerant circuit in order for it to be cooled.

External features
Connections of the SP41 high-voltage battery

  1. Venting unit
  2. Signal connector
  3. Connections for refrigerant lines
  4. High-voltage connection

The electrical lines (high-voltage and signal connection), as well as the refrigerant lines, can be disconnected without having to remove the high-voltage battery unit.

Low-voltage connection

There is a signal connection on the left side of the high-voltage battery unit of the G20 PHEV. The control units integrated in the high-voltage battery unit are supplied with voltage, data bus, sensor and monitoring signals via this interface.

The signal connection has the following lines:

  • Voltage supply of the SME control unit with terminal 30 and terminal 31
  • Terminal 30C (crash signal) for voltage supply of the electromechanical switch contactors
  • Wake-up line from the Body Domain Controller (BDC)
  • Input and output of the signal line for the high-voltage interlock loop
  • Output (+12 V and ground) for the actuation of the combined expansion and shutoff valve as part of the refrigerant circuit
  • K-CAN5.

High-voltage connection

There is a 2-pin flat high-voltage connection at the high-voltage battery unit with which the high- voltage battery unit is connected to the EME.


     Cooling system

    To increase the service life of the high-voltage battery unit and obtain the greatest possible power, it is operated in a defined temperature range. The high-voltage battery unit is essentially oper


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     Separation clutch

    The G20 PHEV is a Full-Hybrid Generation 4.0 vehicle. In contrast to generation 2 and 3 hybrid vehicles, electrical driving is possible in the G20 PHEV at much higher speeds and with a higher range. Similar to the GA8P70HZ transmission, the combustion engine is also disconnected from the electri

     Lights and lighting

    Switches in the vehicle The light switch element is located next to the steering wheel. Front fog lights. Lights off. Daytime running lights. Parking lights. Automatic headlight control. Adaptive light functions. Low beams. Instrument lighting. Right roadside parking light. Left roadside

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