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BMW 3: Traffic bulletins via voice operation


The voice activation system can be used to ask questions about the current traffic situation depending on the destination guidance status. Information about the traffic situation is announced.

Announcing traffic information

Example with active destination guidance:

1. Press the button on the steering wheel.

2. ›Traffic on the route‹.

Traffic bulletins on the map


Traffic events can be displayed as symbols in the map view.

Traffic flow information can be displayed as colored lines along the individual roads in the map view. The line colors indicate the traffic density.

  • Black: road blocked.
  • Red: congestion.
  • Orange: stop-and-go traffic.
  • Yellow: heavy traffic.
  • Green: clear roads.
  • Gray: general traffic bulletins, for instance construction site.

General information

The display of the symbols for traffic events and traffic flow information is independent from the scale of the map and the position of the traffic obstruction.

With the use of destination guidance with intermediate destinations or online alternative routes, possible traffic events ahead are displayed in form of lighter symbols.

Displaying traffic bulletins in the map view

1. Press the button on the Controller.

2. Move the Controller to the right.

3. "Map settings":

  • "Traffic events": symbols for traffic events are displayed.
  • "Traffic flow": lines for traffic flow are displayed.

Traffic symbol in the map view

Gray symbol: The anticipated delay is less than 5 minutes.

Yellow symbol: The anticipated delay is less than 20 minutes.

Red symbol: The anticipated delay is more than 20 minutes, or there is a road block or hazard warning for the route.

A suitable detour is available for the traffic bulletins.

Dynamic destination guidance


With dynamic destination guidance, traffic bulletins are considered when calculating routes.

Set dynamic destination guidance

1. Press the button on the Controller.

2. Move the Controller to the right.

3. "Settings".

4. "Route settings".

5. "Dynamic routing".

6. Select the desired setting:

  • "Automatic": the route is automatically changed in the event of traffic obstructions.
  • "With confirmation": a message is displayed, whether the route should be guided around a traffic obstruction.
  • "Off": do not display messages for the dynamic destination guidance.


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