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BMW 3: Valve gear


Valve gear
VANOS unit B46 engine and B46TU/B48TU engines

  1. VANOS B46 engine
  2. VANOS B46TU and B48TU engine

Following the changeover from a two-part chain drive to a single-part chain drive, the camshaft sprockets on the VANOS now have 46 teeth instead of the previous 36 teeth. To compensate for the additional weight of the larger camshaft sprockets, the adjuster was designed to be shorter and more compact. Additionally, the chain track was displaced by 1.5 mm.


     Belt drive

    Comparison belt drive B46 engine and B46TU/B48TU engines B46 Engine (transverse installation shown) B46TU/B48TU engines (transverse installation shown) Deflecting element Alternator Coolant p

     Cooling System

     Split cooling

    Split cooling is a new development for the B46TU engine. This cooling concept is a modified version of which is already used in the N63TU2. The Split Cooling function uses the electrical Split Cooli


     Engine oil

    General information The engine oil consumption is dependent on your driving style and driving conditions. Therefore, regularly check the engine oil level after refueling by taking a detailed measurement. The engine oil consumption can increase in the following situations, for instance: Sporty dr

     Hydraulic braking

    G20 PHEV, hydraulic braking The brake booster is operated via the driver's foot operation, and the brake actuation is determined by means of the brake pedal angle sensor. Depending on the brake pedal angle sensor signal, the valves in the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) are switched so that

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