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BMW 3: Fuel supply

For the operation of the combustion engine, the G20 PHEV is equipped with a pressurized fuel tank. As a result during purely electric driving it is guaranteed that the gasoline fumes remain in the pressurized fuel tank. Only with the operation of the combustion engine is fresh air drawn in by the carbon canister for purging and the gasoline fumes are directed to the combustion chamber.


 Components and their installation location

G20 PHEV components of the fuel supply in European version Carbon canister Pressurized fuel tank (in cast aluminum housing) Fuel filler flap with cover Fuel tank isolation valve Cable for

 System wiring diagram

G20 PHEV, system wiring diagram for fuel supply Integrated supply module Digital Motor Electronics (DME) Shutoff valve purge air line (only for US version) Body Domain Controller (BDC) Fue


The pressurized fuel tank must be vented before refuelling. To initiate the refuelling procedure, the button in the driver's door first needs to be operated. The button is not active when the vehicl



The "charging" procedure for an electric vehicle corresponds to "refuelling" a conventionally driven vehicle. Accordingly, in this chapter "charging" means: Charging the high-voltage battery unit during operation. Charging procedure via a charging cable. As a charging cable is used, one also re

 General information

Rear entertainment allows occupants in the rear to access entertainment sources regardless of the driver's selection. Two screens, different media connections, and a CD/DVD/Blu-ray drive are available in the rear for this purpose. Rear entertainment also provides access to many iDrive functions. T

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