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Fuel supply
G20 PHEV components of the fuel supply in European version

  1. Carbon canister
  2. Pressurized fuel tank (in cast aluminum housing)
  3. Fuel filler flap with cover
  4. Fuel tank isolation valve
  5. Cable for emergency release of the fuel filler flap
  6. Tank vent valve
  7. Digital Motor Electronics (DME)

Fuel tank isolation valve

The fuel tank isolation valve is opened to reduce the tank pressure during driving if the system limit is reached. In parked, this is achieved by a mechanical valve which is integrated in the fuel tank isolation valve. It is additionally opened before refuelling to ventilate the pressurized fuel tank.

The fuel tank isolation valve is opened during current supply. In the event of a crash there is no active power supply to the fuel tank isolation valve (it remains closed) and no fault memory entry is set by the TFE. This does not prevent subsequent refuelling of the vehicle or other functions (purging, etc.) as long as the components involved (e.g. pressure-temperature sensor) are undamaged.

Fuel tank non-return valve

The fuel tank shutoff valve is additionally used for US version vehicles. This is necessary to perform legally required tank leak diagnosis. The fuel tank shutoff valve is closed when power is supplied.

Pressurized fuel tank

Fuel supply
G20 PHEV pressurized fuel tank

  1. Pressurized fuel tank made from stainless steel
  2. Cast aluminum upper housing section
  3. Cast aluminum lower housing section

The G20 PHEV has the high-voltage battery unit in the normal fuel tank packaging space (below the rear seat bench). This has lowered the center of gravity, and the luggage compartment can be used more efficiently (flat loading floor, through-loading system). The pressurized fuel tank with a fuel tank capacity of 40 liters was integrated below the luggage compartment. It is located in a cast aluminum housing which is mounted to the body. The housing improves the body stiffness and crash performance.


     System wiring diagram

    G20 PHEV, system wiring diagram for fuel supply Integrated supply module Digital Motor Electronics (DME) Shutoff valve purge air line (only for US version) Body Domain Controller (BDC) Fue


    The pressurized fuel tank must be vented before refuelling. To initiate the refuelling procedure, the button in the driver's door first needs to be operated. The button is not active when the vehicl

     Automatic transmission



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