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BMW 3: Refuelling

The pressurized fuel tank must be vented before refuelling. To initiate the refuelling procedure, the button in the driver's door first needs to be operated. The button is not active when the vehicle is in "PARK" mode. The status of the button is evaluated by the hybrid pressure refuelling electronic control unit.

Fuel supply
G20 PHEV refuelling button

The hybrid pressure refuelling electronic control unit TFE uses a pressure temperature sensor in the fuel tank to monitor the current operating condition and then controls the pressure reduction by opening the valves in the tank ventilation path.

After completing pressure reduction, the controller drive for the fuel filler flap lock is activated and the fuel filler flap and fuel filler cap can be opened manually. If the fuel filler flap is not opened within several minutes, it is automatically locked again. The position of the fuel filler flap is identified using a hall effect sensor.

The fuel vapors are temporarily stored in the carbon canister during refuelling. The stored vapors are routed into the engine only when the combustion engine is running and with activated purging.

Before carrying out repair work on the fuel supply, the refuelling procedure must be started so that the pressure in the fuel tank can be released. The fuel filler flap and fuel filler cap must be left open during repair work in order to exclude the possibility of pressure build-up.

After the refuelling procedure and the fuel filler flap is closed, the fuel filler flap is locked again via the hybrid pressure refuelling electronic control unit and the fuel tank isolation valve is closed.

Filling the fuel tank while the high-voltage battery unit is charging is not permitted. When the charging cable is connected, ensure sufficient safety distance to highly flammable materials. Otherwise, there is a risk of personal injury or material damage in the event of improper connection or disconnection of the charging cable.

Service information

The combustion engine can be started with the vehicle at a standstill, for example for an exhaust-gas test. To achieve this, with activated driving readiness, the brake and accelerator must be pressed while drive position P or N is engaged. The driver's door must then be opened to prevent a switch-off of the combustion engine.


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