BMW 3 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 3: Overview

Buttons in the vehicle

Climate control functions


  Recirculated-air mode.

Maximum cooling.

AUTO program.

Air flow, manual.

Switching off.

Air distribution, manual.

Defrost and defog the windshield.

Rear window defroster.

Seat heating

Climate control operation.

Opening the Climate menu.

For the following settings, for instance: upper body temperature adjustment, parked-car ventilation, air conditioning.

Some of the functions can also be used via voice, e.g., temperature.

Opening the Climate menu

Press the button.

The Climate menu is displayed.

For example, the following climate control functions can be accessed via the Climate menu:

  • Heating/ventilation.
  • Air quality.
  • Seats/surfaces.
  • Parked-car ventilation/heating
  • Air conditioning.

Individual settings can be entered for some of the climate functions, e.g., switching on/off, intensity.

Switching on/off

Switching on

Press any button except for the following:

  • Menu.
  • Rear window defroster.
  • Lower air flow button side.
  • Seat heating.

Switching off

Press and hold the lower button until the control switches off.



    Concept The automatic climate control achieves the set temperature as quickly as possible, if needed, by using the maximum cooling or heating capacity, and then keeps it constant. Adjusting Press the

     AUTO program

    Concept The AUTO program cools, ventilates or heats the car's interior automatically. The air distribution and temperature are controlled automatically depending on the temperature in the car's inter

     Recirculated-air mode

    Concept You may react to unpleasant odors or pollutants in the immediate environment by temporarily suspending the supply of outside air. The system then recirculates the air flow within the vehicle.


     General information

    The vehicle is supplied with two vehicle keys with integrated key. Each vehicle key contains a replaceable battery. Depending on the equipment and country version, various settings can be configured for the button functions. A driver profile with personal settings can be assigned to a vehicle key

     Technical data

    The following table provides an overview of the technical data of the G20 PHEV 330e compared with the G20 330i and the F30 PHEV 330e. * Values may increased, depending on the equipment. Equipment The G20 PHEV and G20 differ not only in the technical data but also in the range of optional eq

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