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BMW 3: BMW Teleservices


Teleservices are services that help to maintain vehicle mobility.

General information

The offering depends on the equipment version of the vehicle and the country-specific variant.

For further information on the available services, the vehicle manufacturer recommends contacting a service center or the hotline/customer support.

Teleservices can comprise the following services:

  • Service Request.
  • Teleservice Report.
  • Teleservice Battery Guard.
  • Your dealer's service center.
  • Roadside Assistance, see Owner's Manual for the vehicle.
  • BMW Accident Assistance, see Owner's Manual for the vehicle.


  • Active ConnectedDrive contract, equipment with intelligent emergency call or BMW ConnectedDrive services.
  • Cellular network reception.
  • Standby state is switched on.
  • "Agree and activate all"
  • Consent for the data transfer completed in the data protection menu.

Service Request

Automatic Service Request

The Teleservice data on the vehicle's service requirements is sent automatically to the service center by BMW prior to the service deadline. If possible, the service center will contact you to arrange a service appointment.

This way, the dealer's service center can plan the necessary work in advance. This shortens the duration of the service appointment.

Manual Service Request


Using a manually initiated Service Request, data on the vehicle's service requirements is directly sent by BMW to the service center. If possible, the service center will contact you to arrange a service appointment.

General information

A Service Request can also be started via a Check Control message, see Owner's Manual for the vehicle.

Starting a Service Request

1. "APPS".

2. "Installed apps".

3. "Your service center".

4. "Call for service request".


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