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BMW 3: Solenoid valve injector

Measures at the solenoid valve injector

The following graphic illustrates the differences between the HDVE5 and HDEV6 fuel injectors:

Fuel preparation
Solenoid valve injectors

  1. Solenoid valve injector HDEV5
  2. Solenoid valve injector HDEV5 EVO
  3. Solenoid valve injector HDEV6 (B46TU engine)
  1. Injector seat
  2. Injection pattern and volumetric distribution

The new B46TU engine uses a solenoid valve injector HDEV6 by Bosch. Due to the more stringent exhaust gas emission regulations required to meet the exhaust emission standards, technical changes were again made to the solenoid valve injectors. Sorted fuel injectors are used. This means that they are hand selected at the factory and tested for the least amount of fuel leakage.

The solenoid valve injectors HDEV5 and HDEV5 EVO are used in the B46 engine. While keeping the fuel system pressure of 200 bar (2900 psi) (HDEV5 to HDEV5 EVO), a reduction in pollutant emission was achieved by changing the injection pattern and volumetric distribution.

Due to the fuel system pressure increase from 200 bar (2900 psi) to 350 bar (5076 psi), the solenoid valve injectors HEDV6 were optimized using suitable materials and coatings. The injection pattern and volumetric distribution have not changed compared with the HDEV5 EVO.

The repair instructions that are currently valid must be carefully followed when removing and installing the injectors in Service. An excessive rotational angle at the injector shank, and excessive tensile and compression forces during removal and installation can lead to damage and therefore leaks in the fuel system.


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