BMW 3 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 3: Fuel System

The fuel system is made up of the fuel supply and fuel preparation systems. The fuel supply includes the fuel tank with all mounted parts and the fuel lines up to the engine compartment.

The fuel preparation system consists of the fuel filter lines in the engine compartment and all the fuel system parts on the engine.


 Fuel preparation

The fuel preparation has again been adapted to meet the emission legislation requirements. The high pressure pump and the injectors have been revised and designed for an fuel injection pressure of 3

 Fuel high-pressure pump

The single-piston high pressure pump by Bosch, well-known from the B46 engine, is used. The high pressure pump HDP6 is driven by a triple cam which is attached to the exhaust camshaft. To be able to

 Direct rail

Injector mounting Mounting bolts Plastic sleeve (not required to be reinstalled after taken apart for service) Holding clamp with bayonet fitting Rail Solenoid valve injector Casting lug Th


 Cross traffic warning

Concept At blind driveways or when driving out of diagonal parking spaces, approaching cross traffic is detected sooner by the system than is possible from the driver's seat. General information Two radar sensors in the rear bumper monitor the area behind the vehicle. The system indicates approach

 System overview

System overview of hybrid brake system Hydraulic braking Signal path Regenerative braking High-voltage battery unit Electric Motor Electronics (EME) Electric motor Drive train Digital Motor Electronics (DME) Wheel brakes Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) Brake pedal with brake pedal ang

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