BMW 3 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 3: Direct rail

Fuel preparation
Injector mounting

  1. Mounting bolts
  2. Plastic sleeve (not required to be reinstalled after taken apart for service)
  3. Holding clamp with bayonet fitting
  4. Rail
  5. Solenoid valve injector
  6. Casting lug

The solenoid valve injectors are fastened to the holding clamp with a bayonet fitting. There is a plastic sleeve between the holding clamp and direct rail. This is not designed to collect escaping fuel. This is only used to support a helium leakage test during pre-assembly at the factory in order to check the tightness. After the initial assembly, this plastic sleeve is of no relevance to the engine operation. When the solenoid valve injectors are replaced, the plastic sleeves are no longer required and do not need to be reinserted.

The mounting bolts of the holding clamp must be replaced each time they are released.

The housing on the solenoid valve injectors is sensitive to excessive tensile forces and excessive rotational angles. When removing and installing the solenoid valve injectors, the procedure in the current repair instructions must be followed If the solenoid valve injectors are damaged, fuel may be discharged.


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