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BMW 3: Anticipatory hybrid drive

The anticipatory hybrid drive has been revised and enhanced with the G20 PHEV. The driver can find this function under "Anticipatory hybrid drive" in the vehicle literature and the vehicle's integrated owner's manual.

Here, with active route guidance by the navigation system the route is analyzed and the operating strategy adapted to the stretch of road. The navigation and traffic data of the individual distances permit a calculation of the power required to cover these distances.

Based on these power forecasts and the state of charge of the high-voltage battery unit, a decision is made on whether the combustion engine or the electric motor is used for this distance. The aim is to reserve the electrical energy for the destination zone, the urban environment and further stretches in which the vehicle is driven at a lower speed. If necessary, the high-voltage battery unit must be actively charged beforehand (load point increase) for this purpose.

Anticipatory hybrid drive
Anticipatory hybrid drive

  1. Power forecast for the respective distance
  2. Distance travelled
  3. Use of the electric motor
  4. Use of the combustion engine

Anticipatory use of the electrical energy can reduce consumption and also enhance the experience of electric driving for the driver. The combustion engine is switched off where the driver expects and also senses it (at low speeds with a low noise level, e.g. in towns).

New features:

  • Extension of the slow-driving zone
    The classification of a slow-driving zone necessary for the function has been extended to entire towns. In this way, the electrical energy is reserved for electric driving in urban environments. Previously, only individual stretches were taken into account with up to approximately 18 mph (30 km/h).
  • More intelligent distribution of electrical energy
    Reserving the electrical energy for stretches in which the vehicle is driven more slowly (e.g. for top speed limitations, in traffic jams, construction sites) is now possible in a number of driving modes. Previously, this was only possible in the ECO PRO driving mode.

The following requirements must be fulfilled for the function of the anticipatory hybrid drive:

  • Route guidance activated in the navigation system

The anticipatory hybrid drive is not available in the ELECTRIC driving mode and when BATTERY CONTROL is used. Anticipatory energy recovery is only possible on downhill gradients in the SPORT driving mode or the sport/manual position of the gear selector switch.

The following table once again provides a summary of the functionality depending on the respective driving mode.

Anticipatory hybrid drive

The anticipatory hybrid drive appears in the energy flow display of the Central Information Display.

A relevant note is displayed when a corresponding situation occurs or in the course of preparation for such a situation.


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