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BMW 3: Activating the voice activation system

BMW 3 Series G20 (2018-2023) Owners Manual / iDrive / Voice activation system / Activating the voice activation system

General information

There are various methods for activating the voice activation feature:

  • Press the button on the steering wheel.
  • Say the wake word ›Hello BMW‹ or a personal wake word.

Then say the command. No other commands may be available. In this case, operate the function via iDrive.

The voice activation can be terminated:

Press the button on the steering wheel again or press ›Cancel‹.

Button on the steering wheel

1. Press the button on the steering wheel.

2. Wait for the signal.

3. Say the command.

The symbol on the Control Display indicates that the voice activation system is active.

Wake word

General information

Speaking the wake word ›Hello BMW‹ will start the system. Immediately following, the voice activation can be continued with voice commands.

1. Say the wake word ›Hello BMW‹.

2. Say the command.

Preset wake word

The preset wake word ›Hello BMW‹ can be activated and deactivated. The ›Hello BMW‹ option activates the preset and personal wake word.

Via iDrive:

1. "CAR".

2. "Settings".

3. "General settings".

4. "Language".

5. "Activation with "Hello BMW" ".

Personal wake word

In addition to a preset wake word ›Hello BMW‹, a personal wake word can be set up.

Via iDrive:

1. "CAR".

2. "Settings".

3. "General settings".

4. "Language".

5. "Personal keyword".

6. "Start recording".

For the "Start recording" option, online speech processing must be available and activated.

Alternatively, the personal wake word can be entered using the Controller.

7. Follow the instructions on the Control Display.


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