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BMW 3: Planning a trip

General information

When planning a trip, several intermediate destinations can be entered.

New trip

1. Press the button on the Controller.

2. Select the type of destination entry.

3. Select a single destination.

4. Enter an intermediate destination.

Intermediate destinations

General information

Before entering an intermediate destination, an individual destination must be set.

A maximum of 30 intermediate destinations can be entered for one trip.

Entering an intermediate destination

1. Press the button on the Controller.

2. Move the Controller to the right.

3. "Add a stop".

4. Select the type of destination entry.

5. Enter an intermediate destination.

6. "Start guidance".

Sort intermediate destinations

The order of the intermediate destinations can be adjusted. Starting from the second intermediate destination, the list of intermediate destinations will be displayed automatically after a new intermediate destination has been entered.

1. Press the button on the Controller.

2. "Destination options".

3. "Sort destinations".

Adjusting the intermediate destinations

1. Press the button on the Controller.

2. "Destination options".

3. Mark intermediate destination.

4. Press the button.

5. Select the desired setting:

  • "Add to favorites": store intermediate destination as Favorite.
  • "Delete entry": delete the intermediate destination.


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