BMW 3 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 3: System components

The front radar sensor (FRS) or the front radar sensor long range (FRSF) is needed to reliably detect the vehicles in front. Consequently, adaptive recuperation is only possible with the optional equipment Active Cruise Control with Stop&Go function (SA 5DF).

Adaptive recuperation can be implemented on different control units. Depending on the equipment specification, the function is integrated in the control unit optional equipment system SAS (with Driving Assistant Professional (SA 5AU)) or in the DSC control unit (Active Cruise Control with Stop&Go function (SA 5DF) ).

Adaptive recuperation
G20 PHEV, input/output, adaptive recuperation

  1. Used in vehicles without the optional equipment Driving Assistant Professional (SA 5AU)
  2. Used in vehicles with the optional equipment Driving Assistant Professional (SA 5AU)
  1. KAFAS-Mid-Camera
  2. KAFAS-High-Camera
  3. Accelerator pedal
  4. Front radar sensor (FRS)
  5. Front radar sensor long range (FRSF)
  6. Wheel speed sensors
  7. Electric motor
  8. Electric Motor Electronics (EME)
  9. Digital Motor Electronics (DME)
  10. Instrument cluster (KOMBI)
  11. Driving Experience Control (FES)
  12. Head Unit High 3
  13. Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)
  14. Optional equipment system (SAS)

Operation of the brake pedal is recorded and processed directly by the DSC unit.

The Digital Motor Electronics (DME) assumes the central coordination between the setpoint torque specifications which are output by the different control units. The higher torque request is then forwarded to the EME for implementation. The DME also stores the driving modes in which the function is available and not available.


     Displays and operation

    The function does not have any separate display or operating elements. The function is only available in the HYBRID ECO PRO driving mode. The function cannot be deactivated. Recuperation i

     Anticipatory hybrid drive

    The anticipatory hybrid drive has been revised and enhanced with the G20 PHEV. The driver can find this function under "Anticipatory hybrid drive" in the vehicle literature and the vehicle's in

     Climate Control

    As in previous BMW hybrid vehicles, an electrically powered air conditioning compressor is used in the G20 PHEV. Because the A/C compressor has an electric motor, it is possible to operate the


     Video DVD

    Country codes Only DVDs with the country code selected during vehicle ordering can be played. Refer to the information on the CD as well. 1  USA, Canada. 2  Japan, Europe, Middle East, South Africa. 3  Southeast Asia. 4  Australia, Central and South America, New Zealand. 5 

     Resetting BMW Digital Key

    To reset BMW Digital Key, an authorized vehicle key must be located in the vehicle. After the reset, the vehicle can no longer be unlocked, locked or started with a digital key. The vehicle owner must present proof of authorization for his vehicle again at the service center to be able to use BMW

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