BMW 3 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 3: Displays and operation

The function does not have any separate display or operating elements. The function is only available in the HYBRID ECO PRO driving mode. The function cannot be deactivated.

Recuperation is displayed as usual in the instrument cluster below the drive-ready state indicator (CHARGE area). Adaptive recuperation is currently not depicted separately.

Adaptive recuperation is deactivated as soon as cruise control or ranging of an assistance system is active (cruise control with brake function, Active Cruise Control with Stop&Go function or Speed Limit Assist).

Nominal distance

The nominal distance included by the system to vehicles travelling in front is generously calculated and can be influenced by the driver. To this end the accelerator pedal must be held constant at the desired distance and approaching the same speed of the vehicle in front for approximately 1 second.

The function stores the contemplated distance for the duration of the journey. The value is deleted when the system switches to the "Park" vehicle condition.

The nominal distance included by adaptive recuperation does not necessarily correspond to the minimum distance required by law. The driver is responsible for maintaining the required minimum distance.

Deactivation criteria

Adaptive recuperation is prevented under the following conditions:

  • When the brake pedal is pressed
  • When the accelerator pedal is pressed
  • During coasting
  • After the target speed is reached
  • With active cruise or longitudinal control
  • When the driving mode is changed
  • In event of system faults in the components involved.

US version

Adaptive recuperation is subject to the following changes in US vehicles:

  • Adaptive recuperation not adapted to the stretch of road
    Currently adaptive recuperation is only performed when vehicles in front are detected.
    Implementation of an adaptation to the stretch of road is under review.
  • Availability in a number of driving modes
    Adaptive recuperation is available in all driving modes. To be able to use adaptive energy recovery in the SPORT driving mode as well, it is necessary to select SPORT INDIVIDUAL and set "COMFORT" at the engine tuning.
  • Deactivation possible
    Adaptive recuperation can be deactivated via iDrive.


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