BMW 3 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 3: Design

The main components of the electrical machine are:

  • Rotor and stator
  • Connections
  • Rotor position sensor
  • Cooling

The hybrid system in the G20 PHEV is a so-called parallel hybrid system. Both the combustion engine and the electrical machine are mechanically coupled with the sprockets. For vehicle drive it is possible to use both drive systems individually and at the same time.


 Rotor and stator

Rotor and stator, electrical machine Stator Permanent magnets Rotor Hollow shaft with outer basket of separation clutch The electrical machine in the G20 PHEV is structured as an inner rot


Connections, electrical machine Transmission bell housing Temperature sensor Coolant ducts Connection for coolant (transmission oil) Electrical connection, rotor position sensor High-voltage c


Sensors, electrical machine Temperature sensor Rotor of the rotor position sensor Stator of the rotor position sensor So that the voltages for the coils in the stator can be correctly calculated


 Display on the Control Display

System activated/deactivated Gray: the system is not available. White: the system is available but not activated. System is activated. Parking space search is active.   The parking procedure is active. Steering control has been taken over by system. Parking space search and system status


Brightness 1. "CAR". 2. "Settings". 3. "Displays". 4. "Control display". 5. Adjust the brightness of the screen. Headphones Connect cordless headphones. Tone If the vehicle loudspeakers are selected for sound output, the settings are adjusted as in the front. If headphones are selected for soun

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