BMW 3 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 3: Functions in the map view

General information

Different information can be called up for any point on the map and settings can be adjusted.

Here, the map can alternatively be used via the touchscreen.

Interactive map

Operating the interactive map

1. Press the button on the Controller.

2. Press the Controller.

3. "Interactive map".

4. Select the desired point on the map with the crosshairs:

  • To change the scale: turn the Controller.
  • To shift the map: move the Controller in the required direction.
  • To shift the map diagonally: move the Controller in the required direction and turn it.

5. Press the Controller.

6. Select the desired setting.

Exit interactive map

1. Press the button on the Controller.

2. Press the Controller.

3. "Leave interactive map"


Different functions are available depending on the point selected on the map:

  • "Repeat voice guidance"
    With destination guidance active.
  • "Show details": details about the destination can be displayed as necessary.
  • "Show list": if the crosshairs are positioned over a place with multiple Points of Interest, these destinations will be displayed in a list.
  • "Add to favorites": store position in the crosshairs as Favorite.
  • "Show destination": the map section around the destination is displayed.
  • "Change map view": change the map view.
  • "Parking at destination": find parking spaces at the destination.
  • "Block route": set bypass for a route section.
  • "Cancel blocking": cancel bypass.
  • "Start guidance": start destination guidance for the selected point on the map.
  • "Add as stop": add an intermediate destination with active destination guidance.
  • "Delete stop": delete the intermediate destination.
  • With touchscreen: "Back to current location": return to current vehicle position.
  • "Send current location": send current vehicle position.


     Areas to be avoided

    Concept Areas that should be driven around can be specified as areas to be avoided. General information Stored areas to be avoided can be activated and deactivated. Defining an area to be avoided 1. S

     Real Time Traffic Information RTTI

    General information Depending on the equipment, RTTI is transmitted via services which can be booked in addition in some countries. With RTTI, traffic obstructions are localized more comprehensively

     Traffic bulletins via voice operation

    Concept The voice activation system can be used to ask questions about the current traffic situation depending on the destination guidance status. Information about the traffic situation is announced.


     Buttons on the vehicle key

    Unlocking Locking Opening the trunk lid Press and hold or press three times in quick succession: panic mode Press briefly: headlight courtesy delay feature Unlocking the vehicle Press the button on the vehicle key. Depending on the settings, either only the driver's door or all vehicle ac


    Buttons in the vehicle Park assistance button Panorama View Cameras Front camera Rearview camera One camera is located at the bottom of each exterior mirror housing. The image quality may be impaired by dirt on the camera lenses. If required, clean the camera lenses. Switching on/off Switchin

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