BMW 3 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 3: Headphones

Corded headphones

Headphones and compatible headsets can be connected using a jack plug 1/8"/3.5 mm on the rear CD/DVD/Blu-ray player.

Cordless headphones

General information

Suitable wireless headphones are available from a dealer's service center or another qualified service center or repair shop.

Connecting headphones

Up to 3 cordless headphones can be connected.

1. Switch on the headphones.

2. "CAR".

3. "Settings".

4. "General settings".

5. "Mobile devices".

A list of linked devices is displayed.

6. "New device".

7. "BMW headphones".

8. Press and hold the on/off button on the headphones for approx. 10 seconds.

The headphones will appear in the list of connected devices.


Connection to the left screen.


Connection to the right screen.

Battery charge status.

Renaming headphones

The displayed name of the headphones can be changed.

1. "CAR".

2. "Settings".

3. "General settings".

4. "Mobile devices".

A list of linked devices is displayed.

5. Select headphones.

6. "Rename".

7. Enter the desired name.

Deleting the headphones connection

1. "CAR".

2. "Settings".

3. "General settings".

4. "Mobile devices".

A list of linked devices is displayed.

5. Select headphones.

6. "Delete device"

Selecting a rear side

A pair of headphones can be connected to the left or right side of the rear entertainment system.

The rear side is selected on the headphones, see the headphones owner's manual.

Volume limit for headphones

A volume limit can be activated via iDrive in the front for the headphones in the rear.

1. "CAR".

2. "Settings".

3. "General settings".

4. "Rear-seat entertainment".


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