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BMW 3: Playback

General information

Once an audio source has been selected, information on playback appears on the Control Display.

Information available for the current track followed by the playback list is shown on the Control Display. Content and scope of the playback list depend on the type of the selected playback source and the search criteria applied.

For USB and Bluetooth devices, as well as for the music hard disk, the selected playback list is displayed. This can be the result of a search or of a previously stored playback list.

Further functions are displayed by moving the Controller to the left. The scope of these functions depends on the selected audio source.

Depending on the supported Bluetooth version, some Bluetooth device functions may not be available when using iDrive. If necessary, the missing functions can be accessed directly on the device itself.

Selecting a track

Select the desired track from the playlist.

Starting with the selected track, all tracks of the playback list are played.

Changing the track

On the radio:

  • Press the left or right button.

Or depending on the equipment:

  • Press the left or right button.

The previous or next track from the playlist is played.

Fast forward/reverse

On the radio:

  • Press and hold the left or right button.

Or depending on the equipment:

  • Press and hold the left or right button.


     Search criteria

    General information The possible search criteria depend on the selected audio source. Searching for track information The following search criteria refer to the data stored in the track information. 1


     General information

    Video files and, depending on the vehicle equipment, video DVDs can be played. Sound is played back through the vehicle loudspeakers. Settings are stored for the driver profile currently used. The v


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