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BMW 3: Route guidance

Adaptive recuperation uses the data and calculations of the route-ahead assistant. In this way, adaptive recuperation can be used by the navigation system when route guidance is both active and not being used. When the route guidance is not active, the most likely route is used for evaluation.

However, the stretch of road can be calculated more accurately, and therefore more efficiently, when the route guidance is active.


The following diagram shows the extent of the energy recovery with and without adaptive energy recovery depending on the speed. The brake lights are not activated automatically during recuperation.

Adaptive recuperation
G20 PHEV comparison of deceleration with and without adaptive recuperation

  1. Vehicle with adaptive energy recovery (example: G20 PHEV)
  2. Vehicle without adaptive energy recovery (example: G12 LCI PHEV)
  1. Deceleration by recuperation
  2. Control range of adaptive recuperation
  3. Control of recuperation in HYBRID ECO PRO driving mode
  4. Control of recuperation in HYBRID STANDARD driving mode
  5. Vehicle speed

To illustrate this: -0.1 g (-0.981 m/s2) corresponds to a speed reduction of approximately 2 mph (3.5 km/h) per hour.

Deceleration to a standstill does not happen since in the low speed range the vehicle is driven via the automatic transmission (creeping).


     System components

    The front radar sensor (FRS) or the front radar sensor long range (FRSF) is needed to reliably detect the vehicles in front. Consequently, adaptive recuperation is only possible with the optional eq

     Displays and operation

    The function does not have any separate display or operating elements. The function is only available in the HYBRID ECO PRO driving mode. The function cannot be deactivated. Recuperation i

     Anticipatory hybrid drive

    The anticipatory hybrid drive has been revised and enhanced with the G20 PHEV. The driver can find this function under "Anticipatory hybrid drive" in the vehicle literature and the vehicle's in


     Rear automatic climate control

    Overview Buttons in the vehicle Climate control functions Temperature. AUTO program. Air distribution, manual. Seat heating. Switching off. Switching on/off Via iDrive 1. "CAR". 2. "Settings". 3. "Climate control". 4. "Heating/ventilation". 5. "Second row of seats". 6. "Activate heating/c

     Music hard disk

    General information Tracks from CDs and USB storage devices can be stored on the music hard disk in the vehicle and played from there. CD: the tracks are converted into a compressed audio format and stored in a directory that contains the name of the album. If no information about the album is

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