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BMW 3: Tasks

The Electrical Machine Electronics is made up internally of three subcomponents:

  • Bidirectional DC/AC converter
  • Unidirectional DC/DC converter
  • EME control unit

The Electrical Machine Electronics performs the following functions using the subcomponents mentioned:

  • Torque restriction of the drivetrain in the event of faults and unstable driving conditions
  • Control of the internal subcomponents by the EME control unit
  • Supply of the 12 V electrical system via the DC/DC converter
  • Control of the electrical machine (engine speed, torque) using DC/AC converter
  • High-voltage power management
  • Contacting the electrical machine
  • Contacting the high-voltage battery unit
  • Charging the high-voltage battery unit when driving (by energy recovery)
  • Communication with other control units, in particular DME, SME and DSC
  • Cooling for Electrical Machine Electronics
  • Activation of the electric coolant pump for cooling the EME
  • Activating the electrical vacuum pump
  • Activating the shutoff valve for the vehicle interior
  • Evaluation of the second Intelligent Battery Sensor
  • Active evaluation of the signal for the high-voltage interlock loop
  • Active and passive discharging of the link capacitor to voltages less then 60 V
  • Self-test and diagnosis.


     DC/DC converter

    The DC/DC converter in the Electrical Machine Electronics of the G20 PHEV is able to adopt the following operating modes: Standby (also in the event of a component fault or short circuit, powe

     Power electronics for activation of the electrical machine

    The power electronics for the activation of the electrical machine are mainly made up of the bidirectional DC/AC converter. It is a pulse converter with a 2-pin DC voltage connection and a 3-phase A

     High-voltage power management

    The power management for the high-voltage vehicle electrical system includes two subfunctions: one for driving and one for charging mode. In driving mode, the energy flows from the high-voltage batt


     Traffic bulletins via voice operation

    Concept The voice activation system can be used to ask questions about the current traffic situation depending on the destination guidance status. Information about the traffic situation is announced. Announcing traffic information Example with active destination guidance: 1. Press the button on th

     Snow chains

    Safety information Warning With the mounting of snow chains on unsuitable tires, the snow chains can come into contact with vehicle parts. There may be a risk of accident or risk of damage to property. Only mount snow chains on tires that are designated by their manufacturer as suitable for the use

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